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How to clean your hair brushes?




Why is it important to clean hair brushes and combs?


You regularly wash your hair and brush it everyday. Likewise, you cannot bail on a regular cleanse of your Alexandre de Paris hair brushes and combs. These accessories, which take off your hair dead cells, dust and surrounding pollution, shall indeed foster bacterial growth if you don't get rid of these impurities. Moreover, they will release them on your scalp next time you use them with a risk of itching and rashes.


How regularly shall I clean my hair brush?


The daily routine

After each use, remove with a comb the hair entangled in the bristles of the brush.

If you have a brush with round nylon pins, make sure to use a comb with wide-enough teeth so you don't tear off the small balls. If you don't have a comb at your immediate disposal, take off by hand as much hair as you can, to keep your brush as clean as possible. This is also worth for round brushes.


Once a week

For a deep cleansing, treat your hair brushes and combs with a bath every week. This will get them rid of remaining sebum and hair styling products. Your make-up brushes may also join the process.

When you travel, store them in their protective pouch that will keep them away from scratches and dust.


How to cleanse a boar bristles brush?

Most Alexandre de Paris brushes are made with boar bristles. They can be 100% made from first-cut bristles, like La Ravissanteor L'Élégante, or from a boar bristles and nylon blend, like La Pétillante.

After you have carefully taken off all hair, let them sit a lukewarm water with a dash of soap and rub them gently. Use a toothbrush soaked in white vinegar to gently brush the basis and release the remaining dirt. This will also the bristles and the pad. You may also use a drop of tea tree essential oil of the wet toothbrush.

Rinse them thoroughly then let them dry naturally on a bath towel, bristles downwards.


How to cleanse a brush with round nylon pins?

Some of the Alexandre de Paris brushes are made with a boar bristles and round nylon pins blend. The later ensure a gentle scalp massage. The cleaning of these brushes is the same as the boar bristles ones. Just make sure to use a comb with teeth wide enough not to tear off the small balls, such as the Chenonceaux.

Among our brushes, La Spontanée is only set with rounded pins. To clean it, add a dash of soap and lukewarm water in a small bowl and dive only the pad and pins of this wooden brush. Let it soak a couple of hours, then gently brush the pins with a tooth brush or a nail brush. Rinse thoroughly and dry it with a terrycloth towel.


How to cleanse a wooden brush?

Avoid to completely soak wooden brushes into water: this could, along time, damage the wooden part.

Do not place it next to a heat source to dry it. Let it dray naturally in the open air.


How to cleanse a hair comb?

Alexandre de Paris hair combs are made from acetate, a natural vegetal-based polymer, which reacts to heat: do not wash them with hot water.

Soak them into lukewarm water with soap them gently rub them. Rinse them thoroughly then dry them a a clean and soft cloth.


How to disinfect a hair brush or a comb?

An easy way to disinfect your hairstyling accessory is to add one or two drops of tea tree essential oil into the water and soap.

For a deeper cleansing, use a hard toothbrush kept only for that purpose. Add a drop of tea tree essential oil on its bristles or soak it into white vinegar before rubbing the bristles and pad. Rinse thoroughly then let your brush dry naturally, bristles downwards, away from a heat source.

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