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Notre Marque

Alexandre de Paris
50 years of creation, love and craftsmanship

Story of a French vision

50 years of history

Throughout the XXth century, the history of the workshop is influenced by the creativity of three famous contemporary characters, which reflects the French culture and nurtures the French know-how.

    • 1971A star is born: first brand of luxury hair accessories

      The first one, master of "Haute Coiffure", born Louis Alexandre Raimon, gives his name to the brand: Alexandre de Paris. Also known as the "Sphinx", he is a distinguished figure of Paris high society, worshipped by American movies stars as much as the Monegasque aristocracy.

      He is the one who designed the very first piece out of a long collection of high-end accessories, the iconic Vendôme Comb. Inspired by the famous jewellers' hub in Paris, he has it crafted in Félix Huchard's workshop.

      Louis Alexandre Raimon & Jean Cocteau

      The second one is an artist, the French poet Jean Cocteau, who draws the impressive Sphinx as a gesture of his friendship for the famous hairdresser. This drawing will permeate the aura of the brand and be the symbol of these hair accessories with a Parisian elegance for the next 30 years.


    • 80’s Japan's enthusiasm for hair jewels

      Henceforth, Japan, enthralled by the unique know-how of hair accessories thoroughly handmade in France, becomes the first international market, counting up to 20 boutiques.

      Boutique Alexandre de Paris à GINZA SIX, Tokyo
      Alexandre de Paris shop in GINZA SIX, Tokyo

    • 1989 Opening of the Parisian flagship rue St Honore

      The opening of the flagship 235 rue St Honoré, followed by a shop in shop in Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, sets the pace of international growth, at the dawn of the 90's.

      Photoshoot at Le Trocadéro

    • 1992-1995 French aura in China

      In turn, China falls for French creativity. Starting with Hong Kong, up to 60 Alexandre de Paris boutiques will flourish in Taiwan and mainland China.

      Chinese fashionistas

    • Sébastien Bailly
      Sébastien Bailly
      Fabienne Bailly
      Fabienne Bailly

      2000'sFrom Manufacture to Maison

      At first, they were merely - however official and exclusive - manufacturer of Alexandre de Paris hair accessories, mostly for Asia and foreign tourists in France. But they had the purpose of uniting the craftsmanship and the brand: the duet of visionary entrepreneurs, Fabienne Bailly and Sébastien Bailly, eventually manages to acquire the ownership of the brand Alexandre de Paris to strengthen the French know-how. Now the headquarters in Oyonnax host all the expertise: from the Creative Studio to the Sales and Marketing team, from the local workshop to the international distribution network.

      And this is how Alexandre de Paris becomes a Maison of fashion accessories for hair.



    • 2010 The first Vendôme hair jaw clip

      Since its very beginning, Maison Alexandre de Paris has been crafting hair accessories for the everyday life, with an outstanding quality. In 2010, our Creative Studio decided to design for women a hair jaw clip like a jewel, that they would wear in their daily life as well as in special moments.

      Gold plated, Pince Vendôme is a genuine hair jewel. A no-miss fashion accessory, Pince Vendôme will put up with any wish, whim or mood of yours: play it plain or play it sparkling, you don't have to play by the book!


      2010'sThe international influence of Made in France

      Under the lead of Fabienne and Sébastien, Maison Alexandre de Paris is developing and growing worldwide (Brazil, USA, Central and Northern Europe). The next challenging step is the re-conquest of the French market through the emphasis on the excellence of the French craftsmanship.

      Up to date, the original creations of Maison Alexandre de Paris - also a member of Comité Vendôme- are distributed in 200 points of sale all over the world (besides the self-operated omni-channels) and renew its expression territory, meeting with its French and foreign customers.

      Atelier de personnalisation
      Bespoke atelier, Bergdorf Goodman, New York


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