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Notre Marque

Alexandre de Paris
Working with heart and hands

We made the choice of values as we refuse to relocate overseas. We wanted to keep what is best in our French culture: unique know-hows and rare skills.

Fabienne Bailly & Sébastien Bailly, Founders of Maison Alexandre de Paris


A unique know-how dedicated to quality and style

The know-how

Two workshops: Oyonnax and Paris

Carried by the talent of its craftsmen, some of them in the Maison for over 36 years, the brand's artisanal know-how favours the sense of detail and pervades the Jura manufacture with meticulousness at each stage of manufacturing. Likewise, the Parisian sewing workshop, fashioning headbands and textile accessories, meets the requirements of manual Haute-Couture finishes.

La polissage - Alexandre de Paris
  • Le collage des cristaux Swarovski - Alexandre de Paris

  • Savoir-faire - Alexandre de Paris

  • L’assemblage des perles de cristal - Alexandre de Paris

Swarovski crystals sticking

Le collage des cristaux Swarovski - Alexandre de Paris
Swarovski crystals sticking

A thorough quality control

Recognizable by its golden A seal, each Alexandre de Paris hair accessory is certified Handmade in France. Its quality is ensured by a thorough quality control that includes sorting non-conforming parts, controlling the maintenance of pearls and crystals and verifying the proper functioning of the fastenings.

A know-how of excellence where time rules

Many steps are often necessary to craft one single piece whose noble materials (acetate, crystal, silk, velvet, fur) are carefully outsourced in Europe only.

Le contrôle qualité - Alexandre de Paris
Quality control
  • Montage du poinçon A - Alexandre de Paris

  • Le patronage - Alexandre de Paris

  • Le contrôle qualité - Alexandre de Paris

Golden A logo, patronage and quality control.

Blossom of a Camélia

No less than one full training year in the Manufacture and 8 steps are needed to bring to life one of Maison Alexandre de Paris iconic pieces, the Camélia, made from cellulose acetate, whose heart is embedded with Swarovski crystals: manual layering, semi-automatic cutting of the bicolour material, hot curving, old-fashioned polishing, in barrels during 48 hours, final hand polishing, crystals or pearls embedding and assembly of the petals on the A-sealed basis.

Camélia Intemporel - Alexandre de Paris
Timeless Camélia
  • La finition - Alexandre de Paris
    The finishing
  • La découpe du cuir - Alexandre de Paris
    Leather cut
  • Le collage - Alexandre de Paris
    The collage

Driven by its relentless creativity fostered as much by Art history as by modern trends, Our Maison presents two collections a year whose most successful pieces will be carried over in the Timeless wardrobe.



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