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Notre Marque

Alexandre de Paris

We made the choice of values as we refuse to relocate overseas. We wanted to keep what is best in our French culture: unique know-hows and rare skills.

Fabienne Bailly & Sébastien Bailly, Founders of Maison Alexandre de Paris


A region, a material, an ancestral know-how

The historic cradle of handmade hair accessories, Oyonnax has been famous for its ancient tradition of craftsmanship since the middle of XIXth century.

The Oyonnax valley - Alexandre de Paris
The Oyonnax valley


In this remote area between Lyon and Geneva, during endless hard winters, the farmers used to carve combs from boxwood or horn, until cotton resin, also known as cellulose acetate was invented at the end of the XIXth century.

The cut - Alexandre de Paris
The cut

Running small workshops with apprentices, craftsmen would compete with creativity as can be seen through the collections of Oyonnax Museum "Musée du Peigne et de la Plasturgie".

  • The bending - Alexandre de Paris
    The bending
  • The polishing - Alexandre de Paris
    The polishing
Cyclamens comb - Alexandre de Paris
Cyclamens combDecorative arts collection

True little works of art of extreme delicacy, the richly ornamented, sculpted combs, sometimes set with stones, were used to dress the noble and bourgeois heads of the early twentieth century.

Félix Huchard's original workshop was created

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